Our CPA Firm provides Tax & Accounting Services to US & Foreign Nationals in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale areas. We offer Tax Services to US residents doing business Overseas and to US Expatriates living abroad. We are Experienced and Responsible.

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  • C and S Corporations Tax
  • Personal & Sole Proprietor Tax
  • LLCs and Partnership Tax
  • Real Estate Taxation
  • Estates, Trusts & Gift Tax
  • International & Non-Resident Tax
  • Taxes for Immigration Visa
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  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Payroll and Check Writing
  • QuickBooks Setup & Training
  • Part-Time CFO/Controllership
  • Business Incorporation
  • Bank Financing and Loans
  • Strategic Tax Planning
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Why choose a Certified Public Accountant (CPA)? It is important to note that not all accountants are CPAs.  CPAs must possess an undergraduate degree, completed 150 hours of career-focused education and pass a comprehensive, rigorous four-section, qualifying exam. CPAs adhere to certain professional and technical standards. The CPA is licensed by the State, take regular continuing professional education exams and abide by a strict code of ethics.

CPAs provide a full range of services needed for your financial security and success. Therefore your go-to professional for trusted financial guidance is your CPA whose unparalleled knowledge, expertise and breadth of experience will enable you to plan, manage and grow your personal finances or small business. 

Choosing A Tax Preparer

Improve Your Financial Literacy

Trusted Tax Planning with Your CPA

"Financial planning, I believe, is not exclusively about retirement planning or investing or even portfolio management. If distilled to its purest elements, this discipline is more accurately understood as one that involves applying guiding principles to deal with our past, present and future finances.

bullet Our past - because some of us may be carrying the baggage of yesterday's excesses that are costing us our future happiness and financial well-being;
bullet Our present - because now is the best time to act and change course toward a better destination; and
bullet Our future - because each of us is entitled to dream of a better tomorrow."

-Rajen Devadason

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